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Winter cover for oval above-ground pool

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    Product Overview


    The wick winter cover is cut according to the standard sizes of the swimming pool industry. Its flexible knit panel assembly also offers an excess of 5 feet for above ground pools to allow the liner to reach the lowered water level during the winter. This cover serves as a winter cover and / or a leaf net. Two options for installation are offered. A ball or an elastic system are essential during the pose.

    The elastic kit is not included, consider adding it to your order!

    Characteristics :
    Knit net for more flexibility.
    UV stabilized high density polyethylene.
    Cover has eyelets to better attach it.

    Benefits :
    88% vertical shading for more protection with printed swimming pool vinyl unlike conventional netting (40%).
    Its black color allows for more shade.

    Easy to install.
    Very light and easy to handle.
    Increases the life of the printed backdrop.
    No effort to remove in the spring.

    Package size (Imperial units)

    Weight13.50 Kgs
    Volumic mass54.604300
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