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This opening kit makes opening your pool easy so that you can quickly dive right into pool season. Water is clear and ready to be balanced in just 24 hours. Ideal for pools holding less than 40,000L of water.

The steps below will give you a good start. Make sure to wait for the required length of time between each addition of treatment products.
1. First of all, remove all the leaves, water and debris accumulated on the pool cover to prevent them from falling into the pool; then take off the cover.
NOTE: Make sure that the cover is clean and dry before storing it for the season.
2. Add degreaser all around the pool perimeter. Fill the pool, brushing its surfaces at the same time.
NOTE: Make sure to wait for at least 24 hours before adding shock treatment.
3. Reconnect the filtration system, following carefully the manufacturer's directions. Take this opportunity to check and clean parts, replacing them if they are damaged or used. Pay special attention to the filtration system.
4. Switch the system on, following carefully the manufacturer's directions. Check that all skimmers, drains and filters are working properly. Next, pick up any remaining debris with the vacuum ("Drain" position on the filter).
5. Adjust the water level and switch the filter back to the "Filter" position to begin filtering the water. For a better filtration, use the cleaner for sand or cartridge filters. You are now ready to start treating your pool water.
6. The pH should be around 7.2.
7. Add pouches of shock treatment to the pool.
8. Add one clarifier directly into the skimmer, without opening it. Leave pool's filter on and backwash 24 hours
after. The clarifier adds sparkle to the water.
9. Adjust your water's pH to the ideal level 7.2 - 7.8 and alkalinity between 80 - 120 ppm. Calcium hardness should be
adjusted between 200 - 300 ppm.


1 X Go 4L
2 X Brillance 600 g
1 X Clari simple 125 g



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