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Salt opening kit (pail)

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This opening kit makes opening your salt pool easy so that you can quickly dive right into pool season. Water is clear and ready to be balanced in just 24 hours.

To obtain maximum results, follow these easy steps:
1. Remove all leaves and debris that may be in your pool.
2. Add degreaser all around the pool perimeter.
3. Raise the water level to mid skimmer height.
4. Vacuum with the filter set at "drain" or "waste" to remove all leaves, etc.
5. Backwash to maximize filtration and raise the water level again.
6. Broadcast the contents of the three bags of shock treatment on the surface of the water.
7. Broadcast the contents of booster on the surface of the water.
8. Add the clarifier to the skimmer basket. The filter must run continuously for 24 hours, before backwashing.


1 X Go 4L
3 X Salt Shock 480 g
1 X Booster 450 g
1 X Clari simple 125 g



Package size (Imperial units)

Weight15.50 Kgs
Volumic mass12.158200