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This treatment can be used weekly to continuously eliminate phosphates in pool water or as needed to correct more severe problems. Phosphates feed on algae and promote their growth. They can be introduced into the water through rain, fertilizers, sunscreen, and other unexpected sources. This treatment is not affected by sanitizers and works in all pH conditions without changing the pH level.

Use 15 mL (three capfuls) per 10,000 L of pool water or pour one capful in a spa on a weekly basis to keep phosphate levels below 125 ppb.
1. Backwash filter or rinse cartridge.
POOL: Please refer to the dosage chart to calculate the amount of product needed (e.g.: if the phosphate level is at 1,000 ppb in a 40,000 L pool, use 240 mL to treat).
SPA: Use 15 mL (three capfuls) per 1,000 L to reduce phosphate levels by 1,000 ppb (e.g.: if the phosphate level is at 1,000 ppb in a 1,500 L spa, use 23 mL (five capfuls) to treat).
3. Disperse the product at the surface of water all around the pool or spa, as wide as possible.
4. Run the pump continuously for 24 hours.
5. If the pool filter pressure increases, backwash. Rinse the spa cartridge regularly.
6. Recheck the phosphate levels after 48 hours. If necessary, redo the treatment.


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