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Spa secure scale control

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This descaler removes and prevents the buildup of metals such as iron, copper and manganese which can colour water and stain spa surfaces. Its biodegradable formula is safe for the environment and won't add phosphates to the water. Spa can be enjoyed immediately after adding this product.

1. For initial fill, add directly to fresh water 60 mL per 1,000 L of spa water.
2. If water is extremely hard, double the dosage to 120 mL.
3. Once the spa is full wait 1 hour before adding the sanitizer. Adding the sanitizer before the product has been fully dispersed may color the water.
4. Ensure that the sanitizer level remains between 3 to 5 ppm during treatment.
5. Rinse the spa cartridge(s) regularly during the first week.
6. Once a week, for maintenance purposes, add 15 mL per 1,000 L of spa water.


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