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Giant Ride-On Unicorn Pool Float

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Live in the land of make believe with Swimline's Giant Unicorn Ride-on. Have fun on this giant mythical creature. Looks great in the pool and plenty of room for 2 people. Includes 2 sturdy vinyl and is made of heavy duty vinyl construction for hours of fun in the water.
• White and blue
• 108 in. x 73 in.
• Inflatable design
• Warning labels: this is not a lifesaving device, do not leave children unattended while in use, use only under competent adult supervision, only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision, to be assembles by an adult those parts which can present dangers if not correctly assembled, must be under adult supervision at all times, never leave child unattended, not a life saving device, not suitable for children under the age of (age on box)
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