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Junior Mask, Snorkel and Fins Set

Product: Soon available

Product Overview

A great setup for kids who want to explore waters while on vacation. It's good quality and does what you need. The mask uses an inverted teardrop lenses that maximizes your field of view when looking down. The silicone skirt provides a secure, comfortable seal, with adjustable buckles and a soft nosepiece that makes it easy to equalize pressure.

- Inverted teardrop lens maximises downward field of view.
- Soft nosepiece allows you to equalize by pinching your nostrils, even while wearing thick gloves.
- Soft silicone skirt provides a secure and comfortable seal.
- Adjustable silicone headband.
- Semi-dry snorkel keeps splashes and spray from entering the tube, and any water that does enter can be purged via a valve on the mouthpiece.
- Comfortable silicone mouthpiece and connector conforms to your face, reducing jaw fatigue.
- Thermoplastic fins have a flexing centre panel to channel water for efficiency.
- Open heel accommodates a range of kid-sized feet.
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