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Aqua Bug

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Product Overview

For above ground pools, the Aqua Bug Turbine Cleaner includes the exclusive SmartDrive programmed steering system to clean faster and more thoroughly than other cleaners.

Small size packaging (39" instead of 52").
Patented SmartDrive programmable steering system that ensures complete and quick cleaning of the pool.
Installs without tools, in less than 10 minutes.
Unique turbine and clutch system provides smooth water flow that allows quiet operation and smooth movement at the bottom of the pool.
Improves water circulation by pulling water from the pool bottom as it moves.
The advanced head design allows the Beetle to complete its course in a minimum of time.
Deluxe protective ring reduces friction so the robot can easily pull away from walls and resume its course.
Santoprene cups allow the robot to change direction quickly

Package size (Imperial units)

Weight15.50 Kgs
Volumic mass45.827300