Cleaning Robots

eVac Pro Automated Cleaner

Product: Soon available

Product Overview

Cleans the bottom, walls and water line of residential swimming pools, whether they have a canvas or whether they are concrete or fiberglass, up to dimensions of 20 'x 40'.
3-hour cleaning cycle.
Filter access on top of the unit for quick debris removal and easy filter cleaning without having to turn the unit upside down.
Has 2 fine porosity cartridge filter elements. All you have to do is remove them and rinse them using the garden hose.
It calculates the dimensions of the swimming pool and is self-programmed to follow a cleaning program which is as short as possible and as efficient as possible.
Saves you money: Uses up to 94% less energy than most other cleaners.
Works independently of the pool's filtration system, reducing backwash and wasted water.
Has a water outlet sensor that protects the motor by ensuring that the cleaner does not run when it is out of the water.
Has a sensor capable of detecting when it climbs a wall and is about to come out of the water and then changes the direction the cleaner must follow.
Comes with a cart that makes it easy to move.

Limited warranty:
2 years parts and labor.

Package size (Imperial units)

Volumic mass97.122300