Cleaning Robots

Lil Shark

Product: Soon available

Product Overview

Characteristics :
The double row of bristles dislodge loose debris, while the powerful vacuuming effect sucks them up.
The program cleaning offers a more complete cleaning, leaving no spot neglected, like some other cleaners do.
Winds a 10 '' wide path for quick, thorough cleaning.
Simple in design, it has a single moving part for increased reliability and long life.
Designed for low cost, high performance cleaning with no bags, wheels, diaphragms, or an assortment of parts that need constant repair or replacement.
No assembly required, hook it up to the hose and the 'Lil Shark cleaner starts.

Limited warranty:
1 year. We don't fix the 'Lil Shark, we trade it.

Package size (Imperial units)

Weight13.50 Kgs
Volumic mass26.580000