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Raptor 2-SE

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Product Overview

Operates on 24 volt direct current.
2 motors
Energy efficient.
Integrated light strip.
Comes with a power box.
Has 3 cleaning cycles of varying durations: 2h, 3h and 4h.
Has a programmable complete cleaning mode (bottom, walls and water line).
Speed ??of about 12.5 metres per minute.
Its cleaning rollers dislodge debris and dirt, while the powerful suction effect vacuums them up.
Easy and quick access to the filter, by removing the filter chamber which is on the top of the unit, to be able to remove debris and for easy cleaning after each use using the garden hose.
Easy to install and use.

Limited warranty:
2 years on the motors and the power unit;
Excluded from the warranty: wear and tear parts such as belts and bearings, and cleaning rollers.

Package size (Imperial units)

Weight24.00 Kgs
Volumic mass47.136600
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