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Royal Entrance II Walk-In Stair by Lumi-O (grey)

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With this model, no need for sandbags for ballasting. Equipped with an easy-to-install, non-slip handrail design, this model adapts to 48"" and 54"" high pools and has been designed to accommodate varying pool floor levels. This staircase-type model provides exceptional stability.

Rear openings promote water circulation.
2 non-slip grey ramps, supported by a 2"" PVC alloy, the safest on the market.
Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays and cold during off-season storage.
Adapts to the unevenness of the pool floor.
Ease of installation and transportation.
Put sand or stone in the safety bar.

Height: 43 inches (109 cm).
Front width: 34 inches (86 cm).
Depth: 44 inches (112 cm).
Step height: 11 ¼ inches (28 cm).

Package size (Imperial units)

Weight44.00 Kgs
Volumic mass124.316500
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