Aqua-Luminator 2000

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Product Overview

Our Hydro-Optic ™ technology creates this revolutionary combination of fixture and return fitting. The light fits into the existing water return hole, pre-punched by most above ground pool manufacturers, and can be installed in both new and existing pools. The AQL 500, with 33% less lumens than the standard AquaLuminator®, provides quality entry lighting for small pools.

Lamp and return connection.
25 ft power cord.
Fits most above ground pools.
AQL 500 for smaller pools.
Adapter for pressure washer.
Fountain accessory offered.
Adapter for plumbing system.

Cannot replace the regenerator (oxygenator) previously sold by Trévi because the pre-cut hole in the wall is larger which would require the installation of the Aqua-luminator light.

Cannot adapt to the Deluxe plumbing of most recent Trevi installations (white glued hose).

Package size (Imperial units)

Weight6.50 Kgs
Volumic mass7.913600
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