Universal ColorLogic 100' LED, 12V

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Product Overview

The Universal ColorLogic Light has an optimized optical concept that directs light through the entire body of the water. The unique 12V, 2-wire design, exposed metal-free plastic construction and shatter-proof lens requires no bond, no ground and no GFCI for safe installation when installed in a Thin Niche. Can be installed as close as 4 inches from the waterline.

Standard light replacement

Brighter than standard LED light
The only UL approved LED light for installation in virtually any pool or spa niche
One light illuminates most pools in bright colours
Uses up to 86% less energy than incandescent lamps
Rotation between 10 fixed colours and 7 spectacular colour changes
Lasts 10 times longer than a standard lamp
Simple light switch control


Dimensions14.5" x 14.75" x 7.75"

Package size (Imperial units)

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