Salt systems

Aquatrol Low Salt Hayward 67, 500 liters

Product: Soon available

Product Overview

Hayward's new Low Salt AquaTrol system meets the expectations of salt chlorinator users by producing sumptuously soft water and providing them with a hassle-free sanitation system that now requires a much lower salt concentration. Lower salt content in pool water is more environmentally friendly, alleviates concerns about equipment corrosion, and reduces the amount of salt that must be purchased.

Installs quickly and easily on new or existing pools or use it to replace an original AquaTrol.
Produces soft, silky, sparkling water.
Eliminates the problems of dry skin, eye irritation and hair discoloration associated with factory-made chlorine.
A lower salt content in the water will eliminate corrosion problems.
Safe for all types of above ground pools.
Chlorine production capacity for above ground pools that can hold up to 18,000 gallons (67,500L of water).

Package size (Imperial units)

Volumic mass24.200000