Valve and tube 0.25ID Tube 10 feet long 9-0770-01 Del ozone

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Product Overview

Check Valve Assembly for Big Dipper and Eclipse Ozone Generators

Product Description:

DEL Ozone's Eclipse In-Ground Pool Ozone Generators requires some basic, affordable routine maintenance to ensure sparkling water year after year.

The 9-0770-01 Replacement Ozone Check Valve Assembly gives you what you need to protect your Eclipse Pool Ozonator from water backup including:

(1) 7-1140-07 Ozone Supply Check Valve

(10') 7-0594 Ozone Supply Tubing

Before each swimming pool season, inspect the Ozone Supply Tubing and Check Valve:

Inspect Ozone Supply Tubing for cracks, hardening or yellow discoloration caused by nitric acid

Make sure no water is present between the Check Valve and the Ozone Generator, as this indicates Check Valve failure. Replace Check Valve immediately to prevent water from backing up into the Eclipse

Summers are precious. Don't waste time waiting for your replacement Check Valve Assembly to arrive, then wait for you to install it! Keeping one on hand ensures safe and clean water...fast!



Package size (Imperial units)

Weight1.00 Kgs
Volumic mass2.532300