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15335/15757 DYN GECKO 0607-005024/0607-005033

Parting ways with physical buttons, keys and overlays, Gecko’s in.k1000 touch screen keypad features an intuitive menu interface. Firmware and software updates can be downloaded directly from the keypad. Driven by a 400 MHz processor, in.k1000 keypad features an eye-catching 4.3 in. 256K color LCD. capacitive touch screen display.
in.k1000 can control multiple 2 speed pumps and synchronize their jets to create the wide selection of water stream strengths a swimmer needs for serious training.
The in.k1000 is particularly recommended for swim spas with its special swim spa training program. Training sessions can be customized directly on the keypad by setting flow intensities, durations and color indicators.



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