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Gecko's in.k1001 full touch screen keyboard has the exact same features as the in.k1000, the only difference being its size, as it is slightly smaller.

The keypad can control multiple 2-speed pumps and synchronize the jets to create a wide selection of water current forces that a swimmer needs to train.

The in.k1001 is especially recommended for swim spas. Directly from the keypad, swim sessions can be customized by setting current intensities, durations and color indicators.

The in.k1001 keypad can control many Gecko accessories and peripherals: the in.stream and in.stream 2 audio stations, the in.clear water purification system and the in.mix underwater color light.

Keyboard: 157 x 99 mm
Hull drilling area: 138 x 79 mm

Main keyboard for Gecko X and Y series systems: in.xm and xm2, in.xe, in.yt, in.ye-3, in.yj-5 and in.yt-7 with appropriate software revisions.

2 years, provided directly by Tubs

Gecko: 0607-008087, 0607-008062
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