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    This antifreeze protects pool pipes from swelling and bursting due to freezing during the winter months. Prevents freezing down to -51°C.

    WARNING: Do not use in a car radiator. Not to be used in conjunction with spa.
    1. Drain all water from pool equipment and piping. It is important to get as much water as possible out of pool lines and equipment.
    2. Add undiluted product into the pool piping through the suction and return lines.
    3. Add product until coloured antifreeze appears at the return outlets. Your return lines are now ready to be plugged for winterizing. Make sure that all lines and equipment are treated.
    NOTE: It is not necessary to drain the antifreeze from the plumbing lines and equipment in the spring because product is compatible with pool water.

    Package size (Imperial units)

    Volumic mass4.58
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