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Concentrated liquid cleaner that dislodges biofilms, dirt and residue in the pipes of spas, hot tubs and whirlpool baths.

NOTE: Use this product before changing your spa water and when doing the start-up process.
1. Remove filters and adjust water level if necessary.
2. Day 1: Add this product directly into the spa water.
3. Run spa at high speed with all jets and water features and continue to cycle five times to allow for cleaning of the internal piping. Foaming could occur. If it does excessively, turn off jets with air immediately and foaming will subside.
4. For maximum results, let the this product soak overnight, leaving the cover on the spa.
5. Day 2: Drain the spa and immediately wash down the residue on the surfaces of spa with hose and a cloth or soft brush.
6. Refill spa for a rinse cycle and run jets for one cycle as soon as water levels cover them to remove the remainder of the flushing additives.
7. Drain and clean any remaining residue on the surfaces brought out the rinse cycle.
8. Replace filters and fill spa with fresh water.


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