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Trevi Rio

The Trevi Rio is an interesting option for a starter pool. It features galvanized steel top seats and uprights, as well as resin joint covers. This 52-inch (1.32 m) pool is available with Superieur wall.


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Structural Element

  1. 7" extruded resin top seat.
  2. Resin seat cap and galvanized steel joint plate.
  3. 7" Galvanized steel upright.
  4. 52" Corrugated steel wall.

Wall Components

  1. Plasticized SP coating.
  2. Molten zinc coat.
  3. Primer coat.
  4. Alkaline solution to remove oxides.
  5. Steel wall core.
  6. Chromate anti-rust coat.
  7. Heat-hardened inlay.
  8. Ultra-resistant polyme.

Proudly Made in Quebec

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Geotextile Insulation

  • Thickness of 275 g/m2.
  • Protects the liner against perforations due to small rocks.
  • Extends the life of the liner.
  • Reduces maintenance and repairs.
  • Reduces installation time.
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