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Trevi Harmony

Resin and composite built-in pool The Trevi Harmony is a built-in pool made of ultra-resistant composite material with a modern look. Its manufacturing process is similar to that of an in-ground pool. It has a concrete floor and rises only 18 inches from the ground. Much like an inground pool, it is possible to have both a shallow end and a deeper end, up to 69 inches. Its exterior panels are durable and require little maintenance.


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Products made in Quebec.


Trevi’s head office and production facilities are located in Mirabel. We control all stages of manufacturing, from design, to sales, to installation. Because our products are made entirely in Quebec, they are also perfectly adapted to our harsh climate. Thanks to top-quality materials and technological advances, the Trevi product range is constantly evolving. Your partner for over 45 years!

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