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Balneo 6000

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Product Overview

With its 2 massage loungers, 2 waterfalls and 9 seats, this large spa is the ultimate in comfort, design and benefits. The Balneo 6000 contains 1,950 litres of water, making it large enough to welcome family and friends, or simply to enjoy a quiet moment alone or as a couple.


Number of jets63
Number of seats9
Number of falls2
Sound SystemNo
LightsLED lights
Empty weight1730 lb
Full weight7500 lb
Number of liters of water1950l
Number of pumps2X7bhp + 1 balneo pump
Type of sanitation systemOzone Sanitation System
Type of control systemin.touch 2 Wi-Fi remote control
Long chairYes 2x

Package size (Imperial units)

Dimensions92" X 132" X 38"

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