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Product Overview

The 17-foot long Trevi Crossfit can accommodate up to 5 athletes. Thanks to its audio system with 4 Vidsonix speakers, users can work out to rocking rhythms, or relax on the deckchair and enjoy soft, soothing music.


Number of jets34
Number of seats5
Number of fountains6
Number of falls1
Sound SystemS Series: Sound & Style + 4 Vidsonix speakers
LightsLED lights + lighted jets
ExerciserRowing exercise system
Empty weight2700 lb
Full weight17250 lb
Number of liters of water8400l
Number of pumps3 ultra-powerful Gecko pumps to 1 ultra-quiet and energy efficient 7 bhp pump
Type of sanitation systemOzone Sanitation System
Type of control systemin.touch 2 Wi-Fi remote control
Long chairYes

Package size (Imperial units)

Dimensions92" X 199" X 55" (17' long)

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