Richmond Pavilion

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Modern and elegant with its rounded roof, the Richmond pavilion won’t leave you indifferent. Whether it’s to shelter your spa from the sun or to create a stunning set of garden furniture, this pavilion will extend your days outside in the comfort of your yard.

- Non-rusting extruded aluminum structure
- 4.84" posts
- Insulated aluminum dome roof (helps snow flow)
- Solid and opaque
- UV and weather resistance
- High resistance to temperature variations
- Reduces the effect of heat and muffles noise
- Curtains and screens included
- Winter reinforcement pole included
- Option: winter cover
- Anchorless assembly service available

Installation service not included and not available for pavilions purchased online.

All pavilions come with mosquito screens and may also include treated polyester canvas curtains with weather-resistant reinforced seams. Please make sure to install your pavilion or gazebo on a flat, level surface such as concrete, pavers or a wooden deck.

For summer maintenance, spraying with water is sufficient, as with other outdoor furniture. If necessary, wash with soapy water and rinse off thoroughly. In winter, it is recommended to regularly clear the snow off your shelter. It is also recommended to purchase a winter cover for added protection. This will help the snow slide off the roof. Also consider using at least one reinforcement post.


Color(s)Grey / Black structure

Package size (Imperial units)

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