How to choose the right above-ground pool

All you need to know if you are ready to shop for an above-ground pool.

When you decide to acquire an above-ground pool, you have to know what to purchase to fit your needs and budget. You have to take three major things into consideration: the size, the equipment and the materials.

An above-ground pool can be made of steel, resin or a mix of both. The base model is entirely made of steel. Indeed, all components such as the upright, solar light and top section (curbstone) are all made of steel. This is the most affordable model. You can also choose a hybrid model: steel upright with resin curbstone. Finally, there is a model made entirely of resin, a material that offers many benefits, among which its molecular memory feature which won’t make it warp. It is extremely resistant. The resin does not scratch and will remain in good condition for many years. Also unlike steel, it won’t heat under the sun.



Like underground pools, above-ground pools can be custom-made to satisfy customer needs and requirements. Trévi offers different patterns, colours and light options to create a pool that meets all your expectations.

In the case of above-ground pools, ruggedness is capital to support the weight of water. The many ridges on the pool wall are called corrugation. The more ridges, the more resistant is the pool. For more ruggedness, it is essential that the walls are securely attached to the rail on the ground. Trévi designed a galvanized steel rail, called Secur-Lock, in which the wall panels are inserted and locked to add more ruggedness.

During the installation, the Trévi team prepares the bottom of the pool with all necessary materials. Before putting the linen in, the installers place a geotextile membrane on the ground. This is a very important step because it protects the linen, increases the comfort of bathers, and provides a smoother bottom.

Trévi offers different above-ground pools for all kinds of backyards. They vary in sizes from 10 to 30 feet and in shape, either oval or round.

Maintaining an above-ground pool is very simple. The bottom drain takes care of most of the work. The water sanitizing systems are all compatible. You can choose either a salt, ozone or chlorine system and use the pre-measured product kits all summer long.

Enjoy summer with a pool you love and that fits perfectly in your backyard. Don’t forget! Installing an above-ground pool takes no time; within a day, everything is done. Have a great summer!


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