The Harmony built-in pool

With a design similar to an inground pool, the Trévi Harmony semi-inground pool slightly rise above the ground. Find out more about this unique pool.

You want a pool but you don’t know what type to purchase. Your budget plays an important role in this decision. Can you afford an above-ground or an inground pool with your budget? Find out about the large and majestic pool Harmony, a semi-inground resin pool with a design similar to the one of an inground pool.

Harmony has a depth similar to the above-ground pool and looks like an inground pool. It has a concrete bottom and rise only 18 inches above the ground. Why choose a built-in pool? For its excellent value for money. It offers all the benefits of an inground pool but its cost ranges between the above-ground and the inground pool.



This pool can be installed on any type of level ground. With one of our draftsperson, you will create a final design reflecting your needs and preferences, choosing the right spot for your pool, location of the steps, lights and other equipment. Make sure you have your certificate of location at hand in order to select the right size of the pool. You can opt for a model ranging from 8 to 20 feet wide and 16 to 40 feet long.

Our team will also evaluate how to access your yard. If the access is at least 16 feet wide, we will use our standard equipment to do the work. If your yard is fenced with the access of at least 6½ feet, we will use smaller equipment which will slightly impact your budget.

Digging is done according to your specification. You can choose a uniform flat bottom. With 48-inch walls, the average water depth will be 3½ feet. Or you can choose a deep end with a slope. With 69-inch walls in the deep end, the average water depth will be 5 feet. Once the excavation is done, the bottom of the pool is covered with reinforced concrete offering greater strength to the pool base. Then, galvanized steel walls are installed.

Filling around the Harmony pool is done with stones which facilitate draining of underground water. The installation of a dewatering well should be considered to constantly control the level of underground water and avoid any seepage under the linen.

Linen is made of the finest virgin vinyl manufactured by Trévi. You can choose from a large selection of patterns and colours. The linen decorates the inside of the pool while stones and extruded resin curbstones dress up the outside. Thanks to their molecular memory feature, curbstones won’t warp.

To facilitate draining, it is important to surround the pool walls with river rocks or pebbles. Avoid organic matters such as dirt, mulch or grass as they absorb dampness.

The Harmony pool allows you to jump in the pool as you would in an inground pool. However, if you prefer to enter slowly, you can select different step options such as the built-in steps, the corner steps, the moveable steps or the inground pool steps. You can even decide to go with the above-ground traditional ladder.

Add a sophisticated touch to your backyard with the Harmony semi-inground pool! It is charming and let you make the most of summer!


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