How to choose the spa that best suits your needs and expectations

Whether you are looking for a spa to relax, or to enjoy good times with friends, or for therapeutic purposes, here are a few tips to help you choose the spa that properly fits your needs.

The health benefits of a spa are numerous. Whether you are looking for a spa to simply relax, or to enjoy good times with friends, or for therapeutic purposes, Trévi offers a large range of products to fit your needs.

What explains the price variations between the different models? Size, power and the quality of materials.



Did you know that even if you have a small backyard or if you live in a condo, you can still get a spa with massage jets and lighting features, in a smaller version? Yes, you can! A small spa can even be installed directly on your balcony. Trévi also offers a model that can be connected to a regular 110V power outlet. It is very simple to install and easily accessible.

When buying a spa, it is important to know what you want to choose the right model. So, are you looking for a therapeutic spa offering a deep massage effect or simply a spa to relax in hot water? This will determine the number of water jets required in your spa.

The types of jets can also be chosen according to the type of massage you want: vortex (on specific spots of your body), shiatsu (with pulses) or Tuina (along the meridian pathways). It could be hard to decide on the type of jets you want when buying your spa, so Trévi can adjust the spa once installed as the jets are interchangeable.

Trévi spas come with exclusive functionalities, such as the different massage options. Among all these options, there is a massage feature for the cervical area including four jets; a complete shiatsu station; and the main jet at the bottom of the spa for reflexology foot massage.

There are several ways to control water power coming out of the jets. In fact, the spa works with pumps. The number of pumps required depends on the number of people in the spa and how many of them want to get a massage simultaneously. If all the jets work at the same time, you need to have many of them installed. According to your preference and the level of comfort wanted, the jets can be operated via their water pressure or a valve that adds air pressure, making the jet output more intense.

One of the most important things is to avoid buying a spa before trying it. You have to make sure you are comfortable and that the seating area is adapted to the size and shape of the people who will be using it. The water level will always be held between the headrest and the last row of jets. When trying the spa, you will know if your head lies on the right area.

Spa maintenance is very simple. First, one or two cartridges are located in a cavity directly in the spa to clean and filter the water. Then, a sanitizing system is necessary even if the spas come with an ozone generator that eliminates almost all bacteria. According to your needs, our sales consultant will help you determine which is the best system to treat your water: lithium, chlorine, bromine or with Trévi spa maintenance kit containing pre-measured chemicals for a set period of time.

The colour of the acrylic may vary from white, to grey or marbled. The colour selected may influence the colour of the spa lights since it changes the DEL light reflection. However, marbled white perfectly reflects the light. You can choose to either keep the light on a colour you like or make it alternate between the various shades of the rainbow.

One of our most prestigious spas comes with 79 water jets with built-in lights that gives it an absolutely outstanding look. This model is also equipped with a fourth pump (balneo pump) that supplies small bubbles, providing a quieter relaxation. Thanks to the water pressure and these small bubbles, you are getting a first-class massage.

For those who simply appreciate the sound of running water, choose one of our models with a water fall. Besides being beautiful, the fountain is very relaxing.

At Trévi, all spas are created keeping in mind Quebecers’ tastes and winter harsh conditions. The insulation of a spa should not be neglected. Some spas are insulated with urethan. With time, urethan hardens and may crack. When this happens, there is no possible insulation and if there is a leak, urethan has to be broken. This is why Trévi prefers two different types of insulation. The first is an insulating foam that always goes back to its original shape. It has air cells that provide an excellent insulation. Should a leak happen, the foam will absorb the water and allow us to locate the leak area, to slightly scratch the foam and to repair the leak. The other insulant is the MAX panel surrounding the spa. Should a problem arise, the spa skirt and the panels are removed, the problem repaired and everything put back in place. The panel is seven times more efficient than urethan. The foam provides 50% more insulation than any other material commonly used.

Before installing your spa, the ground has to be prepared. Since the spa is delivered in an upright position, a 40-inch-wide access is necessary to move it to its location. The surface on which it will be installed should be levelled with concrete, wood or paving stones. The base of the Trévi spa is made of two inches of a mix of recycled acrylic and resin compressed with fibreglass and the spa acrylic. It is strong enough to be installed on a simple rock dust base.

To connect your spa, you need a professional (except if you bought a spa that can be plugged in an 110V power outlet). You will need a 40 to 60 amps breaker installed at least five feet away from the spa for safety purposes, since water and electricity do not mix. Then, the breaker must be connected to the main electrical panel. Your electrician will make sure everything is properly connected.

All electrical and electronic components are made in Quebec, as well as all sound systems. Make your life easier with the in.touch option, a technology that allows to remotely control your spa with your smartphone. Thanks to this application, you may increase the water temperature, turn on the lights and even put the water fall on before enjoying your spa. Should a problem occur, you will get alert messages to prevent freezing of pipes during winter.

If you wish to combine relaxation and training, it is possible to get a swim spa. To know more about this type of product, view paralympic champion Benoit Huot short video. Click here

It is true that buying a spa is an important money investment. However, if you select a quality product and maintain it properly, you will be able to benefit from it during all the seasons and 12 months a year, for many many years.

Enjoy your spa… and your relaxation!


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