Adding a LED light to an above-ground pool to create a pleasant mood

Installing a light on your above-ground pool adds some ambiance and a touch of originality. Find out about our different options.

To give a touch of originality to your above-ground pool, you can choose between two light options: the wall light or the skimmer light.

The wall light can be installed on an existing pool or when installing a new one. If you wish to add it to your existing pool, we recommend calling a Trévi service technician because the water level needs to be lowered in order to drill a hole in the linen.

The other option is the skimmer light which is simply installed on any rectangular skimmer.

In both cases, you can synchronize the remote control to vary light intensity, sequence or colour. When you turn the light on, you have thirty seconds to press simultaneously on M and C. The light will blink and will then be synchronized.

You can add some magic to your evening swim and enjoy the ambiance of your choice!



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