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How to shop for garden furniture with high quality cushions

Besides being beautiful and adding to your décor, your garden furniture cushions must be comfortable. Find out how to shop for quality cushions that will last long.

The cushions of your garden furniture are beautiful; they add colours to your outdoor décor. What we really want is that they last for a long time and are comfortable as much as possible. Find out how to shop for quality cushions.

At Trévi, the cushions we sell are made of oleine which is an easy-to-maintain tight-knit fibre that allows water to pearl on the surface. To wash this fabric, simply use a garden hose to remove most of the stains. Since the water pearls, the cushion will dry rapidly. If you want to make it even more watertight, you can spray a product twice leaving it to dry for an hour between coats. During heavy rain or if it rains for several days in a row, it is better to store the cushions or protect them with a cover.




The cushions have to be comfortable. When buying them, beware! It is normal that cushions are firm at first, sometimes a little too much. If you choose a softer cushion, it will sag rapidly and won’t be as comfortable. So you could choose firmer cushions as they will become more comfortable with time. There are two elements to consider testing cushion comfort. First, it must be firm enough to keep its shape. Second, the padding needs to stay in place. Make sure to select a model with a small finish edge. Add extra decorative pillows on your garden set. Besides adding to your décor, they can provide a backrest and maximize your comfort.

Even if you are careful and wash your cushions on a regular basis, you might have to wash them extensively. Choose cushions with covers that are removable. Hence, you will remove the padding and handwash the inner part and be able to scrub the stains a little harder.

When shopping, keep in mind these elements to make sure you choose a quality design and you keep your beautiful and bright comfortable cushions as long as possible.


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