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Trevi Futura

With its modern and refined look, the Trevi Futura is sure to impress. Its unique concrete structure offers unparalleled strength and flexibility to adapt to any type of terrain and decor. Whether your space is large or small, flat, or steep, you can dream big with this highly accessible pool. It’s slope-less floor allows you to practice many of your favorite aquatic activities.

Thanks to a wide choice of exterior finishes and an installation that requires no heavy machinery, the possibilities are endless for creating a yard that reflects your image. Many options are available to you to create a unique ambiance: decorative natural stones of any color, stone pavers, and more.

Offering unprecedented flexibility in landscape design, the Trevi Futura will blend perfectly with the architecture of your home to create a unique ambiance. With no heavy machinery required, this above-ground pool is ideal for steep or rocky terrain and limited spaces!


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Construction steps

  1. Ground levelling.
  2. Installation of the structural panels and steel rods.
  3. Installation of the plumbing.
  4. Pouring the concrete walls.
  5. Pouring and smoothing the concrete floor.
  6. Laying the mortar for the bullnose.
  7. Installation of the bullnose.
  8. Installation of the liner.
  9. Installation of the exterior siding.


The cutaway shows each pool element, and the space it occupies within the structure.

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Proudly Made in Quebec

By manufacturing and installing our products, we maintain control over all our activities to guarantee a unique experience for our customers. For over 50 years, we have been committed to quality and innovation, designing products that embody the art of outdoor living.

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At-Home Sales Person Service

Meet a Trevi expert at home, free of charge, to ensure the smooth running of your project. In the comfort of your home, our advisor will help you create a yard to your image in line with your budget.

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