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    Product Overview

    The innovative design of the TriStar pump gives you efficient flow with less energy consumption.

    Its exceptional technical characteristics make TriStar the best choice for those seeking excellence and performance.

    Higher Efficiency - Lower Consumption - Exceptional Advantages - Exceptional hydraulic performance.

    Impeller designed to meet all demands - whether for a swimming pool, pool and spa or for an integrated floor cleaning system.
    Extra Large Pre-Filter Basket reduces cleaning frequency. It is ribbed which makes cleaning the basket easier.
    Clear pre-filter cover lets you see when the basket needs cleaning.
    Components injected in reinforced resin insensitive to corrosion, for long-lasting resistance, hence long pump life.
    Easy and easy maintenance - you can easily separate the motor from the pump without touching the pipes (by simply unscrewing the 6 body screws).
    Most hydraulically efficient inlet end - can often decrease in pump size (HP) - same performance at lower installation cost and daily running cost. Maintains the same size and with larger flow reduces daily pump operation, saving energy and money.
    Heavy duty motor with dynamic air flow - higher reliability and longer life.
    2 "× 2.5" CPVC unions - fits larger recommended tubing for greater efficiency, reduces daily pump operation, saving energy and water 'silver. Quick and easy installation and maintenance.
    Ribbed Basket Design - Debris does not stick inside the basket - faster and easier to clean. The large size extends the interval between cleanings.

    Package size (Imperial units)

    Volumic mass99.11
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