The heatpump (water heater) is ideal to extend the swimming season in summer

Summer is short in Québec. This is why we recommend the use of a heat pump to considerably extend your swimming season.

Buying and installing a pool is a good investment. This is why you want to make the most of it. Unless you like swimming in cold water, it is recommended to buy a heat pump. This way, you will be able to start swimming early in May and your swimming season can be extended until the end of September. In addition to last for a long time, the heat pump is easy to maintain and use. However, when shopping for a heat pump, it is important to check if it is AHRI certified. Hence, when you buy a 50,000 BTU heat pump for instance, this certification confirms that it will really supply 50,000 BTU of energy to heat the water of your pool and that your investment will be worth it. Budget-wise, it will cost a little over $1000. to buy a low-range heat pump. Opt for the model you want, but more importantly, for a model that suits the water volume of your pool.

This summer, relax and have fun in a much warmer water and extend your swimming season!



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