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Ricardo 5-Piece Cocktail Set

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This RICARDO case combines all the accessories needed to create cocktails. His shaker is big enough to mix two cocktails at once, and Ricardo has put 5 of his favorite recipes in it!


5 pieces including: Citrus zester, stainer, muddler, measuring cup and shaker
Shaker with a capacity of 800 ml allowing you to make 2 cocktails at a time
Measuring cup, with measurements engraved on the inside, which doubles as a stopper for the shaker
Muddler made of silicone rather than steel to protect the bottom of the glasses
Citrus zester with 2 blades: small blade to create fine zest and large blade to cut long zest
Stainer to filter large pieces and let the small ones through for more texture and freshness
Includes a booklet with tips, techniques and recipes for successful cocktails
Dishwasher safe
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