Mesh covers and elastics

Elastic system for above ground

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Product Overview

Elastic system which supports the winter cover on the surface of your swimming pool. The elastic system will allow the winter cover to go down and reach the lowered water level during winter. In spring, the elastic system will raise the winter cover off the surface of your swimming pool, which will facilitate drying and storage.


When the winter cover is pulled away from the surface of the pool, any residue will be blown by the wind and there will be no debris sitting in your water. This helps keep your water cleaner. Easy to install, remove and allows the cover to dry before storage.


Replaces traditionnal water balloons.

Easy to install.

No more leaves in your pool.
The use of the elastic system and the winter cover prevents stagnant water retention on top of cover.

No stagnant water means no larvae, and no mosquitoes

Package size (Imperial units)

Volumic mass6.600000
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