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Balneo 5000

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Product Overview

The Balneo 5000, with its reclining station, 3 waterfalls and light jets, offers everything you need for your experience. Balneotherapy, reflexology and light therapy will be the cornerstones of your well-being. Why not add a hint of aromatherapy crystals to top it all off?


Number of jets77
Number of seats6
Number of falls3
Sound SystemNo
LightsLED lights + lighted jets
Empty weight950 lb
Full weight4350 lb
Number of liters of water1608l
Number of pumps3X6bhp + 1 balneo pump
Type of sanitation systemOzone Sanitation System
Type of control systemin.touch 2 Wi-Fi remote control
Long chairYes

Package size (Imperial units)

Dimensions92" X 92" X 36"

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