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Invite Trevi at home!

At home salesperson

Providing you with a premium shopping experience is our priority. That’s why we are offering you an at home salesperson service, free of charge and at your convenience.

*Not available in Quebec area.


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Meet with a Trevi expert at home to simplify the purchase of your pool, spa, or Outdooring® pavilion.

On site, our advisor will show you our wide selection of products and choices of pool liners and exterior sidings. Together, you will go through every detail with a fine-tooth comb: the access to the yard, the architecture of the house, the shape of the pool, the color of the accessories, the steps, the pool liner, and the trees or shrubs to be removed or retained. To make your dream yard a reality,
it’s simple, invite a Trevi expert to your home!

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Overview of the home visit steps

1. Access to the yard

Our expert will check the access to the yard to determine delivery options for the merchandise and assess if additional costs may apply.

2. Measurements

Our expert will take all the measurements necessary to ensure that your project runs smoothly from the delivery to the installation.

3. Location

Our expert will evaluate the position of the sun, the hours of sunlight, and the privacy zones to determine the best locations for your pool, spa, or relaxation area.

4. Layout

Our expert will assess the topography of your land and indicate if any trees or shrubs need to be removed or retained to ensure an optimal layout design.


You have bold ideas for the layout of your yard or would like to be inspired by our experts? You’ve come to the right place! Fill out a short form to book a home visit at your convenience.

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