Evolutive pool: one structure, three options!

Discover our evolutive pool concept: one structure that can be installed three different ways to create an above-ground, built-in or in-ground pool.

You wish to install a pool in your backyard? Trévi evolutive pools will dazzle you: a one and only structure that may be installed in three different ways to offer three totally different looks.

The concrete structure is unique. It can be installed at three different levels, and the materials remain the same. On one side of the wall, there is a smooth surface made of fibre-reinforced concrete on which the virgin vinyl linen is installed. On the other side, there is a galvanized steel wire mesh. Together, these two sides form a casing in which metallic rods are added before pouring concrete to reinforce it.

All pool components, wall and floor are filled with one concrete casting, thus creating the only monocoque concrete pool available on the market. Once the concrete is poured, it is shaken to eliminate any air bubbles and allow it to spread evenly over all the surface of the pool structure, and to make sure it is well compacted for greater toughness. Since Trévi evolutive pool concrete structure is very strong, it is possible to build higher walls to add pool depth.

Here are the three pool options that this unique monocoque concrete structure offers.
Futura: the above-ground pool of tomorrow! This pool is installed above the ground and is entirely made of concrete. It offers greater strength, has a decorative nature stone covering and a pool coping made of paved stones. Thanks to its straight line design, it has a chic and modern look. Rectangle size is easily extendable to adapt to the available space in the backyard. Since it is not in ground, installation does not require heavy machinery. Also, the pool rising up from the ground at a height over 48 inches, there is no need to fence your land.

Europea: an integrated pool, that is installed slightly above ground. It is designed like an inground pool so it involves the use of heavy machinery. You can choose an even flat bottom or a two-level bottom with a shallow end and a slope towards the deep end. Walls are 52 inches high which provide approximately four feet of water in the shallow end and the possibility to have five feet of water in the deep end. The concrete monocoque structure is so strong that walls can rise up from 14 to 16 inches above ground level. This is the section that will receive decorative nature and paved stones. The Europea model offers a modern look with its straight line design. As for the Futura, it can be adapted to your land size.

Trévi Prestige: the most prestigious and strong inground pool on the market. It has the same walls of both the Futura and Europea, but they are entirely installed beneath the ground. Heavy machinery is used to access your property and excavate the pool area. The pool can have a square or a rectangle shape. Playing with straight lines only, it can be adapted to your taste and needs, for instance giving it an L-shape. Since these pools are self-supporting, they can be installed almost anywhere. Just imagine the pool of your dreams on a mountain side or a steep ground.

Trévi offers an impressive selection of linens. All are manufactured in Quebec by our teams using high-quality virgin vinyl that comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

Finally, to enter your pool we help you choose between a moulded step, an integrated step or a ladder.

Enhance your décor with Trévi evolutive pool 100% adaptable to your needs.



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