How to shop for an in-ground pool

It is time to achieve your dream of having an in-ground pool in your backyard? Find out some practical tips to begin your shopping.

Buying a pool is one of the most pleasant purchases. It is a well-considered investment, so you need to make the best choice. First, if you hire a manufacturer/installer, have a pool build to best harmonize with your land setup. Also think about accessing your backyard: a 12-foot clearance is necessary to allow for heavy machinery to enter. If your yard is too small, it is still possible to have the work done with small machinery. However, your budget will have to be adjusted slightly. To determine the position of the pool on your land, it is recommended to have a location certificate with you when you visit the store. Our sales consultants have access to regulations of most cities. Structures are versatile and can be adapted to different ground levels. You can either chose among a single concrete casting (monocoque), two concrete castings, a 100% concrete pool or a resin and concrete pool. Self-supporting walls allow for installation close to a body of water because it is no longer necessary to build a three-foot pavement around the pool to hide angle corners or supports. Space is therefore maximized, especially in smaller backyards such as town houses.

Prestige, Européa and Futura pools have 52-inch walls. They are monocoque pools made of a single concrete casting: reinforced with metal c reinforcement they are extremely solid. They are so strong that it is possible to install them on a mountain side or a steep ground, with a section rising above the ground and the other entirely in-ground, as you wish. If you decide to opt for a section above ground, you may choose among a range of finishes like cement parging, nature stones, bricks or other materials.


The choice of linen is important because the colour of the water is different according to the pattern chosen. Also think about lighting: you can choose a white or a colour light that can also come with a remote control option.

A common misconception is that an in-ground pool requires high maintenance. Thanks to the bottom drain, dirt at the bottom of the pool is history. With the advent of ecological filtering systems, frequent backwashing is no longer necessary as the water is filtered more efficiently than ever.

There is also the sanitizing system that offers different options: you can choose from a salt, bromine or ozone system, the complete summer kit… In short, everything you need to make your life easier.

In your budget, also plan the cost of a fence surrounding your pool: it has been mandatory since 2010. Therefore, the fence becomes an important decorative element. Since you hire an electrician to install all electrical equipment, it could be the right time to add a water heater to extend your swimming season.

Enjoy summer and your pool for many years to come!


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