What to do in case of spa damage during the winter

When winter frost comes, if your spa stops working and cannot be reset quickly, we advise you to apply the emergency measures suggested in our video.

In the winter, it is important to regularly check your spa. If you notice that the spa is out of operation, here is what you need to do to prevent piping from freezing or causing severe damage.

If the water is hot and the spa cover is closed, there is no danger to the spa before 48 hours. If repairs cannot be done within 48 hours, emergency measures should be taken to prevent piping from being damaged. Call a service technician as soon as possible. Then, switch the spa circuit breaker off. Get two 15-amp electrical heating units, two extension cords and install them within the spa frame. To install them, remove two spa panels. Ideally, chose panels in two different locations that are easily accessible. Insert both heating units and plug them in two different power outlets with independent breakers to avoid overloading. Then, put back the panels. Your spa is now safe until repair works are done.

View the various steps in the French video (click here).



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