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Starting on Saturday, December 9 at noon until Sunday, two Trevi teams will be participating in the Tremblant’s 24h winter sport challenge. They will take turns day and night on the ski slopes to collect donations for the well-being of children. All profits from the event will be donated to the Charles-Bruneau Foundation, the CHEO Foundation, and the Tremblant Foundation.


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What is Tremblant’s 24h on-site?

Tremblant’s 24h is Quebec’s #1 winter sport challenge! Starting on Saturday, December 9 at noon until Sunday, December 10 at noon, teams of 6 to 12 participants relay each other for 24 consecutive hours either skiing, snowboarding, alpine touring, walking, running, or walking & running. In the weeks leading up to the event, participants undertake a donation drive from which all profits go to three important foundations dedicated to children’s causes.


To learn more about the event, visit Tremblant’s 24h website.

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