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Trevi Fabrication: the pride of 180 days (6 months) without an accident!

Trevi Fabrication, a division of Trevi, highlighted on April 12 the success of 180 days without an accident with loss of time with its teams, which means zero work accident that leads to a work stoppage beyond the day of the accident. The day and evening teams celebrated this achievement together around a collective meal and immortalized the moment with an amusing photo shoot. The management team seized the moment to congratulate them for their collaboration and partnership during a speech given in their honour the day before.

For the occasion, René Jr Latreille, Production Manager at Trevi Fabrication, and Janie Côté, Health and Safety Coordinator at Trevi Fabrication, met with us to discuss the importance for Trevi Fabrication to provide safe workplaces to its teams.

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Question 1: Why did you choose to celebrate the achievement of 180 accident-free days with your internal people?

For Trevi Fabrication, this success is a collaboration between our teams in the factory who respect health and safety rules and the company informs its people to know how to work in a safe environment. Without the collaboration of our teams, we cannot achieve such success. It was only natural to take the time to thank them and highlight their efforts and collaboration,” mentioned René Jr Latreille during the interview.

Question 2: What are the best practices for ensuring a safe working environment for your team members?

Several good practices are already in place in the company and others will be added over time,” said Janie Côté. The coordinator also listed among the current success factors, the meetings of the health and safety committee, which allow people to contribute facts and ideas, the information capsules offered to the teams, and even a 5-year project to redevelop a plan to make it even safer for the people who work there. The key is also to remain attentive to the ideas and comments of workers, this not only allows the company to improve but also be inclusive.

Question 3: If you had to highlight a good move by one of your teams or employees with respect to compliance with health and safety measures, what would it be?

The emergency measures are well understood by our teams. For example, during the evacuation on April 12, all the employees cooperated well and the evacuation was carried out promptly. There is a clear improvement compared to previous years thanks to everyone’s collaboration and we are very proud of it,” said the Production Manager.

Question 4: As you have just completed the first 180 accident-free days, what is your next goal?

We would be proud to end a year with no lost-time accidents, but to achieve this, we want to highlight each of the successful quarters, to motivate our people and remind them of the importance of their involvement,” explained Janie Côté.

Question 5: What message would you like to give to your teams as part of this success and the World Health and Safety Day which is coming up on April 28?

I want to thank them. Honestly, it is our people, our teams, who are the key to our success. They allow us to improve and surpass ourselves, the company alone cannot achieve 180 days without an accident with loss of time, it is a valuable collaboration. I would also like to remind them to remain cautious and attentive to the measures in place to have a safe work environment, and encourage them to adopt safe behaviour at home, because we care about them,” said René Jr Latreille.

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Thank you again for making this event possible and for making it a success!

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