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AquaRite Low Salt Chlorine Generator

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Low Salt Generator Aquarity

The AquaRite AQRXL-LS-20CUL is the best-selling low-salt powered electronic chlorine generator that does not require the need to mix, measure and handle corrosive chlorine in liquid, granular or tablet form by improving strongly swimming experience. These devices are easily installed on standard filtration systems, for new pools as for those already in use.

Designed for pools less than 20,000 gallons.
It automatically produces the amount of chlorine needed every day, while the pool is filtered.
Works with only 1200 to 1800 ppm salt to reduce concerns about corrosion and the environment.
Soft, healthy water that does not irritate the eyes and skin.
Easy to install and use.
It comes with a flow controller probe which is connected directly into the housing.
110 V electrical connection.
Turbo Cell 9 (CELL-9-CUL 25,000 gallons) included.
Limited warranty: 3 years parts and labor.

Package size (Imperial units)

Weight27.50 Kgs
Volumic mass25.323700
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