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Trevi Exercice

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Like all the Aktive line swim spas, the Trevi Exercise is a veritable training spa. It is ideal for developing strength and endurance with low impact on joints and muscles. It has a rowing exercise system in addition to 2 ultra-powerful Viper pumps for counter-current swimming. This 13-foot spa can accommodate up to 11 people to relax or to wo


Number of jets32
Number of seats11
Number of fountains6
Sound SystemS Series: Sound & Style / Phantom speakers
LightsLED lights
ExerciserRowing exercise system
Empty weight2 200 lb
Full weight11 000 lb
Number of liters of water6 000 l
Number of pumps2 LX 2-speed 4BHP pump
Type of sanitation systemOzone Sanitation System
Type of control systemin.touch 2 Wi-Fi remote control
Long chairNo

Package size (Imperial units)

Dimensions92" X 160" X 50" (13' long)

Tips and advice

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