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Trevi single-slope shelter

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Product Overview

The single-slope shelter is the ideal solution for narrow driveways and yards. With its straight side, the shelter can be placed against the side of the house or business. Its angled side makes it easier for the snow to slide off to one side only. A great solution for town house projects. You will no longer need to pay for snow removal and your car will be clear at all times. This small shelter will be your friend for your outdoor storage needs.


Height: 7'
Width: 10'6"
Depth: 8', 12', 16', 20', 24', 28', 32', 40'
Mini oval galvanized steel tube 1 5/8", 16 Gauge
8 ounce white sewn polyethylene
tarp with double reinforcement and 7% UV protection. Warranty: 2 years on the tarp. 10 years against rust and manufacturing defects on the structure.


Color(s)Grey / Black structure

Package size (Imperial units)

Volumic mass1.96

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