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The 19-foot long Trevi Spartan is a true hybrid spa with its 2 distinct activity zones. First of all, there is an ACTIVE zone for training with a rowing exercise system, a counter-current swimming system and 3 stainless steel support bars. Then there’s also the RELAXING zone, with its massage stations and integrated lounge chair. Choose your activity for the day!


Number of jets57
Number of seats6
Number of fountains8
Number of falls1
Sound SystemS Series: Sound & Style / Phantom speakers
LightsLED lights
ExerciserRowing exercise system
Empty weight3 500 lb
Full weight17 700 lb
Number of liters of water9 200 l
Number of pumps2 pumps of 7 BHP + 3 pumps of 4 BHP
Type of sanitation systemOzone Sanitation System
Type of control systemin.touch 2 Wi-Fi remote control
Long chairYes

Package size (Imperial units)

Dimensions92" X 224" X 55" (19' long)

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