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    This product softens spa water to improve bather comfort. Incorporates floral and citrus extracts for the added benefits of aromatherapy. Its pH-balanced formula won't alter water parameters. This product optimizes the effectiveness of sanitizers, increases the solubility of salt in water and protects surfaces against corrosion. Compatible with all sanitizers.

    WARNING: to avoid incompatibilities with other products, the skimmer must be totally free of other spa chemicals.

    1. For initial treatment, add 150 g per 1,000 L of spa water.
    2. Add directly into skimmer or sprinkle lightly into spa water with pump running.
    3. For weekly maintenance, to maintain proper levels add 40 g per 1,000 L of spa water.
    4. After application, check water's pH and adjust to 7.2-7.8 if necessary.
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